1. Community Interaction

    • As a conduit between the public and city government, assure transparent communication increases. Discover new and improved ways to inform residents about the decision making process. Guarantee that all decisions comply with federal, state and local regulations and are properly recorded

    • Make the City Clerk’s office a household name in the community. Every resident will know who and what services our office provides

    • Communicate more frequently with residents through various means such as: e-newsletters, our website, social media, virtual conferencing and newspapers

    • Public forums and town halls to inform and listen to residents. Insure their voices are heard amongst the City Council and within the various community boards and commissions

    • Partner with Burbank Unified School District (BUSD) to engage  and inform youth about city government and the role they play in building their future

  1. Improve Voter Turnout

    • Strive for 100% voter turnout by informing and engaging residents continually

    • Target young people who are approaching voting age and those who have crossed the threshold, but don’t see the value of participation in the political process

    • Improve our voting infrastructure to make our elections the most convenient and modernized in the country

    • Marketing campaigns to inform and encourage voter registration. Partner with organizations and businesses to inspire participation

    • Brainstorm with community on additional methods of increasing voter turnout

  1. Bolster Community Services

    • Increase recognition of passport program with targeted local marketing “The best time to get a passport is when you don’t need one”

    • Explore ways to increase services that the clerk’s office provides

    • Provide information and knowledge symposiums on national, state and local initiatives, like the recent student debt forgiveness program. Inform residents on how programs may benefit them and offer support through the application process

    • Explore ideas, like surveying residents about what services may be brought to City Clerk’s office
  1. Enhance record keeping & maintenance

    • Keep high quality records of city history and records

    • Provide citizens with efficient access to requested documents

    • Examine processing times and execution all of City Clerk’s business

    • Stay informed and up to date on the latest technological advancements to upgrade systems and methods